Using Emotional Hot Buttons To Get Him Back

Author: Cory Jean

If you’ve been looking at Matt Huston‘s book you might already know that one of the methods that you will get is using hot buttons that goes straight to his emotions to get him to come back to you for good.

For me, this seemed like a great idea at first. Targeting my boyfriend’s heart and emotions using these triggers to reach my goal just seemed like the perfect solution.

But what is involved in using emotional triggers to get your man back permanently and are these methods really effective?

After all, most men often seem to lack a lot of emotion or passion in their life and will male psychology and emotional hot buttons work if you have a boyfriend that seems cold and uncaring right now?

As you know, I got my boyfriend back using this book and a bit of  male psychology  and using these hot buttons to get him back and stay was definitely the key as far as I was concerned. You may have already done some damage to your relationship since the breakup and your ex might not even be talking to you right now. This is why male psychology and using emotional hot buttons to get him to return might be the perfect fit for you.

You might wonder what kind of success you might expect with triggering his emotions if your boyfriend isn’t even talking to you. Maybe you have pushed him away by trying so hard to get him back and he is avoiding you or maybe he is even with another woman, like when my boyfriend and I went through our breakup.

You might think that you stand little or no chance of getting him back using these hot buttons techniques or male psychology if you don’t have contact with him but what you will find is that this really isn’t important. All of this is covered in Get Him Back Forever and if you have no regular contact with your boyfriend it is fine when using hot buttons to get him back with you and forever.

I know that for me, and maybe for you, trying to figure out how to re-initiate contact with your boyfriend in a way that leads to something other than more of the same rejection which can hurt more than even the initial breakup, is a goal.

Knowing when to contact him, how to contact him, what to say and what to do is crucial to your success and this is where using emotional hot buttons to attract him back is so important. If you can push him emotionally and get a positive reaction out of him is key.

You see, using these hot buttons to get him interested again is such a sneaky tactic that it won’t really appear as if you are doing anything at all. You do not have to be forward or seductive or even mean and I’d love to give you the exact techniques but it’s all in this awesome book and the author would kill me if I spilled the beans.


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Basically, how it works when triggering hot buttons to get him back is, as you will learn, there are ways to leverage your man’s instinctual emotional needs, desires and wants by what you say and what you do. And I’m not talking about telling him that you love him or that you want him or anything like that.

These methods are much more subtle and discreet. He is already looking out for overt attempts by you to try to get him back and that is why using dirty psychological tricks and using emotional hot buttons is the only way to go if you are serious about getting him back.

When using psychological hot buttons to get him back you will be talking to the part of his brain that he has not control over. It is like hitting male reflexes that he instinctively has that us women simply don’t have. Even if he wanted to resist or if he does resist, eventually using such hot buttons to attract him back will take its toll and gnaw at his brain and his heart and make him want you again.

Using this method to get him back would be like having him sit in traffic and having a car cut him off every few minutes until he simply will not be able to stand it anymore. Even if your man says that he is not emotional or if you don’t think that he has a passionate bone in his body, using emotional hot buttons will bring out the animal instinct in him and make him want you. Maybe even more than before!

If you wonder why using these trigger buttons for him to come back works so well, it is the psychological aspect of the methods inside this book. It is the fact that you will be pushing on emotions that are peculiar just to men and found just in male psychology that make these methods so powerful. Even guys that claim to be so in control of themselves or that are proud of the fact that they are not emotional in nature are not immune to these instinctual aspects of Matt Huston’s Get Him Back Forever.

In addition, using this technique is even more effective because you are basically flying in under his radar. It an “invisible” approach that it won’t appear that you are doing anything to try to get him back, As a matter of fact, you can even tell him that you have no desire to get him back like I did and further boost the effect of using emotional hot buttons to get him back. You will find that the entire relationship dynamic changes. You are in the drivers seat and it will be him begging you to give your relationship a second chance.

A couple words of warning about using such a technique. Please use these methods responsibly. If you really aren’t sure that you want to get your ex back or if you are only doing this so you can break his heart like he broke yours, just let him go and don’t use the methods in Get Him Back Forever.

That would just be mean and cruel. Also, be patient with using these methods. Although you might want your boyfriend back the day before yesterday, sometimes a guy will be stubborn or not really give any signs that these methods are working, like my boyfriend did.

Just wait for it and know that this stuff is working on his mind. Trust that using emotional hot buttons to get him back will work and you will see him fall apart one day and become a hot mess, full of fear and dying to get back together with you.


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